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Priscilla Contreras

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Jonathan Contreras

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Managing Director 

Daniel Guerrero

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Project Estimator 

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Bianca Sanchez

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Project Coordinator


Jonathan Contreras





Priscilla Contreras founded The CCGroup LLC in 2011. Her stubborn refusal to accept a "day job" drove her to take control of her own future and success. 

At age 26, and only 10 years of work experience, Priscilla's tenacity and grit allowed her overcome the day to day obstacles that came with growing a  business within a tough industry. 

Priscilla's day is spent reviewing market opportunities, collaborating with new clients, as well as collaborating with her team ensuring their goals are aligned with the company's vision.  

Outside of work, she enjoys playing the piano, reading books on leadership, physiology  and neuroscience, as well as challenging herself physically at the gym or on a field. She finds joy helping and teaching others as well as spending quality time with her family outdoors. 

Bianca Sanchez is the Project Coordinator at The CCGroup LLC. Bianca is fueled by her passion for learning and considers herself a “forever student” as she continues to pursue her education in Accounting at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Bianca values work ethic and strives to push herself daily to be a better employee and the best version of herself. Bianca appreciates the foundation The CCGroup has provided her towards her growth and development. When she is not on the job she enjoys traveling to different countries, and watching The Office, hence the picture on her profile. Bianca believes that knowledge is potential power – a tenet she lives out in her life through trying new fitness classes, reading books, and expanding on her coursework. Bianca is always up for a challenge. Reach out to bsanchez@theccgroup.com to connect!